Your music choices will add so much to your custom show. I have provided a list of song suggestions for special occasions that will provide you some ideas when selecting your music. The song suggestion list (download here) is a reference that places the songs and the artist in suggested categories.

Ideas to keep in mind when making your music selection:  Select music that is appropriate for the slideshow - not necessarily your favorites. The music will set the mood for your production.


Music Genre

What kind of music does the person or couple enjoy? If you are not sure, check out their music collection or ask a close family member or friend.


Favorite Song

If the subject has a favorite song (or several), try to work it into the slideshow.



Is there a song that expresses your feelings for the subject of the show?


Our Song

Every couple has a song that they consider "their song". If the couple is married, it might typically be the song played for their "first dance."


Top Hits

What songs were hits when the subject was born or growing up? These are great for a birthday or life story video show. Check out the following web site to find the top hits by birthdate:




Songs by Decade

Looking for top hits by decade? The following web site will list the 100 top hits of the decade:



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Just wanted you to know that Kara LOVED the slideshow! It turned out beautiful and was so much more than we had even anticipated. You are so talented and I hope I will be able to work with you again. Maybe at college graduation time, though that's at least 4 years away. Who knows, maybe I will have a need before that. Since I have been through this now, I'm sure it will be much easier the next time around.
~ Sharon
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